DarkPA Commit Changelog

 Dark ParanoidAndroid 2.54 (09/11/2012, 08:45:23 SGT)
> Improvements of speeds (Daniel MM)
> Android 4.2 Lockscreen Layout (retail3210)
> Android 4.2 UI Sounds (Daniel MM)
> Phablet Mode conflicts (drcmda)
> Improvements of "Clear All" Recents App
> derps stuffs

  Dark ParanoidAndroid 2.53 (08/11/2012, 02:01:39 SGT)
 Linaro is a Toolchain, not a speed, diapers, kanging,
 toolchain. CM is didn't agree to add them because it
 might break some hardware support, that's why some 
 didn't take the risk on adding it.. Well, in hand
 i did improve some factors, make the build stable
 as 4.2 Jellybean is reaching soon. I still would
 like to thank TeamVanir, LiquidSmooth guy and
 many others. They used Linaro, so i should lol.
> Languages shouldn't missing tho (Daniel MM)
> Settings: Layout is better now (Daniel MM)
> Add 3 Choices of Lockscreen Weather Icons (Travp624)
> Update TC to 4.7.3 (Daniel MM)
> Update Dark BootAnimation, Thanks to lyndonguti (Daniel MM)
> Settings: About Layout, is getting weirder (Daniel MM)
> Bump to Dark 2.53 (Daniel MM)
> Add options to hide Alarm Clock icon in Statusbar (Marek Walczak)
> Remove duplicated and unneeded code (Jesús David)
> Standardization, Per-App-Color Fix (Jesús David)
> Grouper: GPS should be fixed (Daniel MM)
> BootMessage: show more info in boot dialog (Jon Stanford)
> CMFileManager: Make icons darker blue (Daniel MM)
> A little touch-up to Expanded Desktop from CM's (Daniel MM)
> Removed Lefty Mode, will revisit soon (Daniel MM)
> Fruity (remicks)
> CM File Manager (CyanogenMod)

Dark ParanoidAndroid 2.52.1 (29/10/2012, 15:18:34 SGT)

> GnexParts: True-Trinity Colors (Daniel MM)
> Settings FC Fixed (Daniel MM)
> Re-added DarkParanoid's P.A.C Preset (Daniel MM)
> Fix NFC Toggle not working if it was not ON at boot (Gergely Szell (sethyx))
> Tuna: Prebuilt Kernel to imoseyon's Stable 4.5.0 (Daniel MM)
> Tuna: Properly do the colors instead of bitching (Daniel MM)
> Recents RAM Bar (Steve Spear)
> Revert "Glow Duration (WIP)" (Daniel MM)
> Fixed Per-App-Color System problems in 2.52 (Daniel MM)

Upstream Changes in r.cyanogenmod.com // review.paranoid-rom.com

Dark ParanoidAndroid 2.52 (25/10/2012, 02:09:25 SGT)

> Add Vibration to Lockscreen (Steve Spear)
> CM Circle Battery Fun! (travp624)
> LTE Toggles cleanup (Daniel MM)
> Toggles: Moar Colors (Jesús David)
> Fix toggles inconsistency (Jesús David)

Upstream Changes in r.cyanogenmod.com // review.paranoid-rom.com

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