xBlack // A new beginning. // 1.4.x

Not much words to say. So technically just screenshots will tell you more lol.

O4X Lockscreen & Per App Color System

Hybrid works as well, but didn’t include ParanoidPreferences together. Will explain how to get it working..

CM File Manager.

That’s only highlights. Now going to explain on how to get ParanoidPreferences working and changelog will be here. http://wp.me/P2LEWa-40

So if you noticed on, i didn’t even include the ParanoidPreferences as the Paranoid Team or D4rK would take it you’re putting the PAPrefs as a warez. This warning has started since PAC-man ROM. So i respect this option, so i didn’t even include it or hide it in my git or somewhere.

So firstly, you’ll need to get the latest ParanoidPreferences from the ROM or someone who has it. (Some has recommended to Titanium backup the app before flashing this ROM.)

1. On your launcher, you’ll have this option. (Not on stock or Trebuchet i guess, more likely to be on third-app launcher.)

2. Select Activities.

3. Wait till load menu. And find ParanoidPreferences and target this.

4. Done! You’ll have a shortcut and the faster way to set your Hybrid!

— You can always manually set your colors and per app stuffs manually via any Text Editor

       ~ A guide for Per App Color.. http://goo.gl/AXkgd


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