Dark ParanoidAndroid 2.3 Highlights

Hey guys, the new Dark Paranoid is just around the corner!!! :O

I’ve been merging quite more few patches and it’s gonna be lovely. 😛

P.S some of members are already starts to post another version of Darkness which a.k.a meaning they have more inverts. Well, my main terms. Simple Dark Holo, Main Inverts. Not a big 200+MB ROM which is useless and some might fail in download.

Edit: I wasn’t being an ass to this, but i find it useless to flash with more unnecessarily dark apps when you can install them manually..

What’s New?!

App Picker is now darker instead of White.

Again, More Darrky Improvements

“Lefty Mode” Navigation Bar

Weekday Statusbar Clock

Multi-Row Toggle Layout

Battery life. Is Awesome.

And other is just normal fixes. 😉

  • Portrait Softkeys in Phone Mode is now completely re-designed (Thanks to travp624)
  • Strings & Translation updated
  • TCP Buffersize Settings updated
  • Full Changelog will come as after release

Thanks for choosing DarkParanoid as your ROM! 🙂


3 responses to “Dark ParanoidAndroid 2.3 Highlights

  1. Would have to agree… looks really fantastic overall, would really like to know what’s that clock widget as well… beautifully done

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