Dark ParanoidAndroid: 2.3 Changelog | More Darker

It’s 2.223, but i made it even, 2.3

Will concentrate on AOKP next 2 weeks, will be busy after this build. :/

Download is all here:



Available for GSM Galaxy Nexus, VZW Galaxy Nexus and GSM Galaxy S III (i9300)

All release will come at 8 AM GMT+8, Wednesday, 16th October 2012.

Dark Paranoid Changes:

Toro: Updated Props to 4.1.2 JZO54K <This will fix the Bluetooth issues>
Tuna: MPU 1350MHz: improve stability: - We give 1350MHz its own EFUSE - Smartreflex offset -90000 - All this should result in +30mv for extra stability
Tuna: Increased nominal voltage for MPU1350MHz
Lockscreen Color Text Improvements
Navigation Bar Colors
'Lefty Mode' Navigation Bar (Only on Phablet/Phone UI)
Inverted App Picker 
Softkeys are better in Phone UI 
Translations & Strings are up-to-date 
2 More Wallpapers by knokfirst

ParanoidAndroid 2.2 Changes:

  • New Toggle Layout – Multi-Row (This will perfectly fits into Tablet UI if you don’t feel comfortable with the other toggles.)
  • You can now enable Weekday or Month near your Statusbar Clock
  • Paranoid Graphics updated (Not Wallpaper)
  • Make Settings summary user-friendly
  • Many more… derp.

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