Dark ParanoidAndroid: 2.221 Changelog | Darkness starts to evolve.

New build with new stuffs to start ahead! 😀

Download is all here: http://goo.im/devs/daxmax/darkparanoidandroid

Available for GSM Galaxy Nexus, VZW Galaxy Nexus and GSM Galaxy S III (i9300)

All release will come at 10 PM GMT+8, Sunday, 14th October 2012. 🙂

Dark Paranoid Changes:

Tuna: New kernel fixes
Tuna: Bump to 3.0.45
Tuna: Added Ezekeel's Sound Control
Tuna: Added Ezekeel's Voltage Control
Tuna: Bootanimation Optimizations
Tuna: make tuna powerhal conditionally set max_freq properly 
Maguro: Update build fingerprint for 4.1.2
New Battery Circle by Sven Dawitz
Mms: Disabling Contact Avatar FC Fixed
LockscreenShortcuts : Fix minor bugs
Newer Softkeys ( I <3 Travp624 )

2.221 Changes //-

Revert "Themeable Lockscreen"
Option to not lock automatically when a call ends
Accurately display connectivity info in tablet status bar 
Fixed Lockscreen DPI problems

Paranoid Changes:

  • Fixes to SystemUI: ExpandHelper AOSP Bugs
  • See Through in Lockscreen is now working again
  • Toggles are more cleaner, better and a new Windows Phone layout, ability to squeeze all your toggles into one place.

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