Dark AOKP a.k.a SnapBlack: 1.5.0 Changelog

It’s been a loong time not been updating. So here’s a new update for you dudes! And sadly, the i9300 build is discontinue because i didn’t get any feedbacks in the thread. Sorry. 😦

If you missed the propmodder, this will help you alot. πŸ˜‰

SnapBlack 1.5 Changes:

* Android 4.1.2 JZO05K
* Updated toro, maguro binaries from JRO03L to JZO54K
* NavBar Widgets (Still WIP) (Zaphod/romanbb)
* Revert "Ability to hide StatusBar" (It's useless)
* Revert "PropModder" (Conflicts to System)
* Zenyth Keys (Arzbhatia)
* Transparency, Colorful, Statusbar and Navi Bars (travp624)
* Put up properly of DARKAOKP Credits
* Add option for vibrate on notif expand (xoomdev)
* Toggles Improvements


– DeskClock FC if you from CM, clear the data to stop the crazy FCs.


3 responses to “Dark AOKP a.k.a SnapBlack: 1.5.0 Changelog

  1. Just want to say you have more users than you expected but I could not post in the forum because I need 10 posts witch I don’t have-> no feedback

  2. SnapBlack is my absolute favorite rom! It looks great and I also like AOKP. Are you planning to continue the development? A new release based on akop V5, dark colored and without NovaLauncher (because I prefer Apex) would be fantastic! πŸ™‚ Greetz

  3. I just wonder the DARK version will have how much effect on battery saving due to the black UI. I really feel that the 4.1.2 consume so much battery and hang with a dead vibration unless i take out the battery. I hope this version can help. Thanks

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