Dark ParanoidAndroid: 2.18 Changelog | It’s better!

So i managed to get some hacks working, so i add some cool two features in. 🙂 Other than that, smoothness is still the same! 🙂

Available for GSM Galaxy Nexus, VZW Galaxy Nexus and International Galaxy S III 

And please support Dark ParanoidAndroid by pressing the thanks button.

ParanoidAndroid Changes:

  • Toggles Improvements
  • Toggle: Do-Not-Disturb Toggle
  • sysUI: scrollview for settingsview
  • Settings: ProfileConfig missing strings.

Dark Paranoid Android Changes:

- Upstream sync with PA Sources
- Battery Text Options (Instead of Percentage or Batt Icon)
- Lockscreen Text Color
- Update to CM's Group Messaging
- Update some cool goodies

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