SnapBlack AOKP Changelog : 1.4.0 / 1.4.1

New update is released for i9300, maguro and toro! ūüėÄ

AOKP Changelog:

  • Adds the ability to force dual panel at any dpi
  • SmsUsageMonitor: Increase default # of sms sent in checking period
  • NavBar: Fix Target Selection
  • NavRing: fix layouts
  • Revert “ril: avoid sending null aid string in getIMSI”
  • NavRing: Fixes layouts lastone, Promise
  • Navbar: Fix Custom icons
  • i9300: enable UMS
  • Add option for switching between UMS and MTP/PTP mode

Snap ( Black ) 1.4.0 Changes:

  • Tuna: UMS Options (WIP)
  • Tuna:¬†Trinity Colors Preset
  • Tuna:¬†GNexParts Improvements
  • ROMControl: Menu UI Overflow Toggle Option
  • ROMControl: Ability to hide status bar
  • ROMControl:¬†Alternate Default App Picker
  • Mms: Insert Emoji and Smiley at Cursor position
  • Mms:¬†Prevent QuickMessage popup when Mms is active application
  • Mms:¬†Prevent QuickMessage popup force closing when receiveing Mms
  • Phone:¬†Port CM Advanced Phone Settings
  • Frameworks:¬†Fixed 2GToggle longpress action
  • Frameworks: Revert Themed icons because of Theme Choosers conflicts

1.4.1 Changes:

  • PropModder by TeamBAKED
  • Fixes bugs on Mms

Cherry-picks from,,

International Galaxy S III (i9300) – Androtransfer

International Galaxy Nexus (maguro) – Androtransfer

Verizon Galaxy Nexus (toro) –¬†Androtransfer


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